About Us

About Us

The continuum of Job acceptance necessitates rational deployments, orientation, including the setting up of clear goal oriented process systems, for ensuring high and optimal Job functionality and performance, as well as, the setting up of parameters for regular assessment, training and evaluation. Our Job functions and work scope usually necessitates the use of Canine teams with differing roles and skill levels, such as the use of Sniffer dogs for explosives discovery or Guard dogs for crowd management as well as for theft or miscreant deterrence. These canines are used in the blind areas of security where man or technological machines can be said to be inadequate to proffering complete solutions.
These are further complemented by our use of Technological equipments, such as the use of handheld investigational, detection and deterrent equipments; Metal Scanners, Bomb detectors, in addition to strategic placement of Close Circuit Cameras (CCTV), motion sensors, Panic alarms, plus Vehicle trackers, with all these electronic systems being linked and synchronized by VSAT to a central Control Room, either proximal to the site or at our central Head Office. This is further complimented, with an effective and timely communications capability, comprising of Our Use of Short Wave Radio links on a private secure channel, with telephone and radio access to Major Police Stations, Patrol teams, NEMA, as well as the Fire Brigade. We have international affiliation with seasoned Electronic Surveillance/satellite Partners that enhance vehicle tracking as well as Pipeline Monitoring. We offer 24 hours Executive protection, special events protocol services, in addition to Emergency response services, with a team of Police unit assigned to our company and Zonal Divisions thereby offering us a timely armed response advantage all the times.

CREST SECURITY OUTFIT LTD is a professional corporate security services company, incorporated in the year 2000 with the objective to offer services with international standard.  With security becoming an increasingly complex issue, we offer a one-stop solution for organizations wishing to improve on the security of their businesses.

Our Company; Crest Security Outfit Limited, offers a holistic Security Management perception, as well as integration of all elements of the Security Service. These Services encompass and unfold in progression and synchronicity from the initial preliminary security survey of premises and Asset inventory, to appraisal of security situation and problems, Community and area based Risk Assessment Surveys (RAS), including the development of an effective Community Relations Program and Plan (CRPP), towards mitigation of restive and uncooperative behaviors in communities. Security staff recruitment, selection/ vetting and auditing including complimentary checks and auditing of all Client’s staff across board and those in crucially sensitive positions.



  • Trained mobile and static security guards
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of electronic security systems.
  • Anti-fraud Devices.
  • Fire/Safety Devices
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Protocol and Escort Services
  • Security Consultancy Services.
  • Special Events Security Services